DMR-ES15 waste space on disc

I’m founding waste space on discs recorded by DMR-ES15. It’s about 10% of nominal space (eg. FR recording, 2h recording at SP). Why?

Cause the makers of Panasonics are gay. Best answer youll probably find too.

There is an easy way to trick the recorder into using at least some of the space. See this post.

Thank You, but what can I do with DVD+/-R discs? The used space with 2h SP recording (and FR mode too) is about 4GB only.

Yeah, that’s for RAM discs only. There’s probably nothing that can be done about regular ±R discs. I’ll experiment with a +RW disc and see if I can get something similar to work (even though +RWs do record in a different format).

The recorder will stop at 2 hr, and depending on the bitrate there will be some space left over. Nothing you can do about it.