DMR-ES15 freezes during trailing playback



Any help with this problem would be appreciated:

On my DMR-ES15, using a Pansonic DVD-RAM disc, during a scheduled recording, I will start trailing playback. I’ve never had a problem if I just let it play. But, I find that the machine will sometimes freeze if I manipulate the playback direction and speed (fast-forward, rewind, etc.) repeatedly.

When I say it does this sometimes, I mean more than I would like. I don’t do trailing playback often, but I’ve had this happen four or five times. I am almost certain I can make the machine freeze like this if I want to just by “working” the playback hard enough.

When I say it freezes, I mean the playback screen freezes, and it doesn’t seem to take any input from me – it doesn’t seem to do anything if I press Stop, Play, or even Power On/Off.

In all but one of these instances, it has frozen for 5-10 minutes. I forget what happens to the playback at that point, but here’s what happens to the recording: it actually gets most of the scheduled recording, but in two titles instead of one, with about a three minute gap in between.

In the last instance, it froze for a long time, but the recording was just fine, all in one title.

One solution would be for me to not monkey with the buttons while it’s playing! Any other ideas? Thanks.


tenfingers, I have no solutions for you. I can only confirm that it is not just your unit. My ES15 freezes on occasion during a trailing playback. I haven’t noticed any missing time or title doubling, however.