DMR ES15 finalize failure



I have a panasonic DMR ES15 that is now about 1 1/2 years old. Recently the power went out in our home for about 10 seconds, came back on, went off for about a minute then finally came back on. The DVD player was on, unfortunately. The player records fine, I just can’t finalize any DVDs. It will begin but about the time it is nearly finished I get a message saying finalization failed. Any ideas short of sending it to Panasonic as to what might cause this. Other than this problem, it plays and records with no problems.



There might be some damage to your machine.

But there is a possibility that the power interruption while recording and subsequent finalization failures are coincidental to the need for cleaning of the rubber and plastic hub/spindle parts. See this post:

On a DMR-ES15 the procedure takes about 15 minutes. Use 91% alcohol and cotton swabs. Before replacing the DVD drive lid be sure the roller mechanism at the back of the disc tray is positioned to the left so that it aligns with the guide rails on the underside of the lid. It’s worth a try.


I agree with Digado, I think it was just coincidental that this happened during the power outage. If the drive makes a grinding noise when trying to finalize it’s the spindle.
Note I’ve noticed that if the unit fails to finalize the R disc [B]most[/B] of the time you will NOT ever be able to finalize this disc(the rest of the time everything on the R disc is lost:doh:). In the first scenerio the disc will only play on Panasonic DVDRs. I have several discs like this. Your only option at that point would be to use another Panny recorder to feed your recorder via line input, then record this signal. Yes you will take a PQ hit since you’re re encoding the title, but this is a option. Personally I figure I’ll always have Panny recorders so I just mark the DVDs DVDR playable only.