DMR-ES15 dvd+rw problems

I have owned four Panasonic machines- including two DMR-ES25’s- that work for about two or three weeks then stop reading/recording dvd+rw media. I have tried new brands of media. I have tried not to use a disc more than once or twice. I have had no luck. I now have two machines in the local service center that have been waiting for a part from Panasonic for eight weeks. This is ridiculous. Do these machines not use dvd+rw media worth a crap, or is that a problem with most machines? The reason I ask is because I have a new Liteon machine that is having the same problems.

Generally I use the machine to record TV programs that I want to transfer to my PC to be edited and authored to a new dvd. Very handy to have edited programs for when I travel. I want to use dvd+rw because I can erase repeat programs or shows that I end up not wanting to transfer to my PC.

I always know when the machine is about to breakdown because the machine starts becoming very noisy when a recording is stopped and a chapter is being finalized. It will stop and begin the chapter fianalization, but then the machine locks up and and says there may be a problem with the disc- even with a brand new dvd+rw.

Doe anyone have any advice on a machine that might be more reliable? I don’t mind paying more for a machine if it will work for longer than a month!

Thanks in advance.

I have pretty much given up on recording DVDs on standalone DVD recorders for transfer to a PC for re-editing. You will always lose picture quality doing just that because there is no affordable software package which can do both high-quality authoring and fine editing in the same package (the ones that I have used either had an overly coarse editing (which means that I could not edit at exactly the spot where I wanted to do so) or force lossy re-encoding and resampling (which means that picture quality will be degraded even further)).

Furthermore, no consumer DVD recorder delivers picture quality on DVDs recorded by that unit anywhere near as good as what a commercial DVD replicator or a home computer with a TV capture card and a good MPEG-2 encoder typically achieves.

Other than what I said, what speed are your DVD+RW discs rated for? Panasonic DVD recorders which support recording on DVD+RW support only those discs rated at up to 4x. If you use the newer 6x or 8x DVD+RW discs for recording, you will have major problems with most consumer-level standalone DVD recorders.

Thanks for the reply RJ. I have only used 4x or lower rated dvd’s. I read something about that back when all the trouble started. I am surprised there are not more posts regarding this subject.

As far as the quality goes, I am not too concerned with a little loss in quality because I am just using the material to rewatch and then most likely discard in a few months anyway. The programs I have converted and edited have been good enough quality for my purposes.

Sounds like I am going to need to figure out a different way to get the programs recorded.

Boy, are you WAY off base. Most of what you say here is the opposite of the facts.

1st, there’s no reason to be re-encoding anything. There are tools that will edit and re-author without re-encoding. TMPGenc-Author is one. 2nd, most set-top DVD recorders can deliver equal or superior image quality, (given a good quality source image), than 90% of the capture cards available. Certainly better than any equally priced capture device.

Everything you say here about re-authoring DVD recordings on PC is equally true about re-authoring video from a capture card, all the same tools would be used. So there’s no difference in the process be it recorded video or captured.

That said, none of this has anything to do with the posted issue.

I’d suggest using -RW discs, as that’s the format that the Pannys have been using the longest. I’ve never had any unusual issues with them in my ES10. But I’d recommend using RAM discs anyway, as they seem to be pretty reliable. Although you do need to take certain steps differently with DVD-VR formatted video, and not all software will play nice with it.

I’m sorry that I sidetracked the original topic. And what I said was based on my experience with a very limited number of software programs.

Anyway, my particular ES15 produced noticeable artifacts with recordings made from over-the-air programs. The reds were extremely blotchy, even when compared to those recordings made through capture cards. The large noticeable patterened black spots (especially noticeable when DVDs made on this unit is played back on another unit and zoomed in) seriously marred its picture quality - and also made the picture noticeably darker than it should have been. Perhaps I should go for a higher-end model? Or is my particular unit defective?

And my particular DVD drives cannot rip properly from -RW discs (the audio skipped or paused or broke up on the rips) – they can only rip correctly from +RW discs, and they cannot read DVD-RAM discs at all.

Unfortunately, there is no good way for me to edit home-recorded DVDs on a computer - at least not with the tools that I currently have. As frustrating as my attempts have been, using analog S-Video or composite video connections will likely worsen the picture quality on copies.