DMR-ES15 DVD+RW Formatting issues.... HELP!

The DMR-ES15 works fine and dandy with a brand new blank DVD+RW , it writes to it , reads it and is able to fomat it many times over…

So here is what happens… I put in a brand new BLANK disk, the DMR-ES15 prompts me to format it, I choose yes, and it formats it and all is well. Once I record the show I want to keep to the disk, I finalize it and eject it. I then take the DVD+RW to my pc and rip the show from the disk.

I take the disk and put it back in the DMR-ES15 and the DMR-ES15 says it is unformatted??? So I try and format the disk using the DMR-ES15. And it sounds like its working and tells me “FORMAT COMPLETE”. And as soon as I acknowledge “OK” the DMR-ES15 tells me the DVD+RW is unformatted and asks me if I want to format it again. This continues over and over until I power off.

The DMR-ES15 seems to only like NEW BLANK DVD+RW disks, once anything is recorded on them, and ejected from the player, if I try and put the same disk back in, it cannot read it, if I erase the disk on my PC it tries to format it and nothing happens.

I have also tried to erase the DVD+RWs on my PC and then put them back into the DMR-ES15, sadly the same endless circle of formatting happens.

I’ve used the following programs to erase my DVD+RW trying to get it back to a “BRAND NEW BLANK STATE”. No matter what I use to erase the DVD+RW , IsoBuster 2.0 always shows the disk as Having 1 Session and 1 Track…

Nero 7
Nero InCD5
Alcohol 120%

Any ideas? :sad:

Try DVD-RW discs?

sadly the same thing happens… :frowning: Though I only have 2 DVD-RWs. So that was all I could test it on.

The only disk the player seems to have no problems with is the DVD-RAM disk…

The behavior definitely isn’t normal, at least based upon my own experience with this particular recorder.

My ES15 has a similar issue with DVD+RW discs that have been erased using Nero Ultra Edition 6 on my computer…however, as soon as I format the disc on the Panasonic, all is well.

Are you always erasing the discs on your computer before putting them back in the Panasonic?

After the recorder wasn’t able to format the disks, i tried erasing them with Nero 7 and each of the other 3 programs I listed above, I would think they are erased since I do FULL ERASE and not the quick option. But after the Nero erase I pop the disk back in the DMR-ES15 and it never formats them, just keeps trying over and over. Do you think Nero is what is messing up the disks? :doh:

The disks themselves still work fine on the PC and I can use them there but for the DMR-ES15, they end up creating the endless format loop.

But that doesn’t explain why once I take out a newly recorded show from the DMR-ES15 copy the files over to my PC for editing, and then put the disk back in it , it tells me its not formatted. :frowning: Its like the player forgets it just had that very same disk in it 10 minutes ago, lol.

Is your Panasonic still under warranty? From the above, it definitely sounds like a defective unit.

My own DMR-ES15 doesn’t like the way that Nero 6.0 erases/formats DVD+RW discs…it will display an error that I’m trying to use an unformatted disc…however, all I have to do afterwards is use the Pansonic’s format option. That works every time.

Even odder is the problem you’re describing above. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why these RW+ discs aren’t playable in the Panasonic after you rip the contents to your PC.

Again, this definitely sounds like a defective unit. If it’s still possible to return the recorder to the place of purchase for a replacement, I would recommend it. If it’s past that period, and if the unit it still under warranty, it sounds as if it’s time to contact Panasonic customer service.