DMR-ES10 to Plextor PX-740A Problems


I’m new here so I hope this question is in the correct forum.

I have purchased the following DVD-RW to be used for both the DMR-ES10 and the PX-740A:

PC -> Panasonic (TDK-RW):

  1. Using Nero Vision Express I formatted the DVD-RW on my PX-740A
  2. Burned several avi files as DVD-Video
  3. Playback was successful in the PX-740A
  4. Inserted the disc in my DMR-ES10
  5. Playback was successful on my DMR-ES10

Panasonic -> PC (TDK-RW):

  1. In the Panasonic Player I formatted the Disc
  2. Recorded several programmes
  3. Finalized the disc for playback
  4. Playback was successful in the DMR-ES10
  5. Inserted the disc in my PX-740A
  6. Started Nero Showtime and received the following error:

“Sorry, the folder you selected does not contain a valid DVD Video, SVCD, or VCD structure.”

I also checked the file structure using Windows Explorer, however there were no files present.

Panasonic -> PC (+R/-R) worked fine using the above steps.

Can anyone help here ?


Try using DVDDecryptor to rip the Panny-recorded disc to HD in file mode, then see how it goes.

Thanks for the reply, however this is what I received:

I 13:49:09 DVD Decrypter Version started!
I 13:49:09 Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-Bit Edition (5.2, Build 3790 : Service Pack 1)
I 13:49:09 Initialising SPTI…
I 13:49:09 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices…
I 13:49:09 Found 1 DVD±RW!
E 13:49:13 [0:0:0] PLEXTOR DVDR PX-740A 1.02 (E:) (ATA) - UDF File System Parsing Failed!
E 13:49:13 Reason: Function ‘UDFFindPartition’ returned 0


Sounds like the disc is not being closed properly.

Thanks for the reply and it looks as though you maybe right.

I tested the DVD-RW on my Alba 108 and it came up as “Incorrect Disc Format”.

I’m also wondering if I need to perform a firmware upgrade :

It actually lists the product as:

DMR-ES10P DVD Recorder Firmware Update

[DMR-ES10.EXE], 1036kb

Version U1-326
Last Updated 10/31/2005
Description: Updates RAM / DVD drive and improves compatibility with the most recent 8X and 16X DVD media.

I do have a couple of questions here:

  1. What is the “P” for in DMR-ES10P. Is this definitely a DMR-ES10 ?
  2. Is there a way of finding out what firmware version the player is actually using ? I may actually be using the latest firmware as I only bought the player last week.