DMR-ES10: Says 'Hello' all the time!

I’ve got a 15 month old ES10 with a problem…sound familiar?

It started with it doing a Self Check for ages. Machine wouldn’t respond to anything and couldn’t open draw. I then spotted a load of posts about similar problems and attributing them to problem discs.

I tried several button combinations that I’d seen mentioned. All to no avail. Did manage to power it down, but, each time it is switched back on it is very polite and says’ Hello’. Unfortunately that is how it stays - permanently!

I’ve powered it up/down and unplugged/plugged it more times than I care to remember.

I have taken the top off and removed the RAM-disc manually. Still no difference.

Anybody any ideas before I cart it off to Panasonic Service and incur £30 just for the privilege of letting them look at it.

Panasonic would not commit to paying for repairs until they have the engineers report!

see if they will give you credit to a ES15?

I have the same problem. About 9 months ago it begn giving me the “Bye” message, powering down, then powering up followed by “selfcheck” for a few minutes. Sometimes it would go for a couple of minutes. Then it might work. It was barely under warranty, so I took it to a Panasonic authorized repair. After a month I got it back. It made new grunting noises and was barely worked. The repair place installed a new “main board”.

Then about 2 months ago it began making loder groaning noises and giving me the messages of “self check” and “unformat” and “no record” on disks that have previously been used.

I’m about to try the update on to see if it helps, but anyother ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem with an ES-10. It was first noticed while reusing RW discs repeatedly (every-day recording). I assumed it was scratches or smudges on the disc because most other discs worked fine. So I switched to RAM discs in cartridges (no scratches or smudges possible and that would fix the problem right?). Wrong, I had the same problem within a few weeks on those. Once again, some discs were fine, some weren’t. Then I cleaned the hub area with a lint-free cotton cloth and the problem disappeared. I think the hub is slipping when the disc spins up or down probably because of contaminates. In particular the inner edge of the hole in the center of the disc. It may be that contaminates are transferred from uncartridge discs to the cartridged ones. In any event it seems to be related to spindle slippage issues.

Sadly the ES10 seems to be a piece of junk…you’re certainly not the only one who complains of the noisy drive mechanism as well as flaky disc handling (myself included as well as number of others I’ve seen who have the same complaint). Unfortunately whatever firmware is around won’t do a thing to help (I have the newer one from Panasonic’s Canadian site and it doesn’t help much of anything)