DMR-ES10 noisy with certain discs?

Does anyone else find that their ES10 makes a lot of transport noise when certain discs are used? Lately Ive been finding that mine makes a lot of groaning especially if using DVD-RAM and certain -RW discs, and once in awhile will refuse to eject one unless prodded.

Nothing like that here, you might want to check with Panasonic support on that issue.

I’m having the same thing happening on my machine especially on the RAM disks and it’s happening with increasing frequency. I did once have a problem where it kept making that noise for several minutes and wouldn’t respond to any controls (remote or on the machine). The only way I could get it to stop was to pull the plug, literally. When I plugged it back in it did a self check and then allowed me to eject the DVD. Ssometimes the noise goes on for many seconds almost like its seeking the data and occasionally it will stop; show only the channel number then switch to self check; then to BYE and turn itself off but it comes right back on. It then will often say the disk is either unformatted or improperly formatted. Sometimes it can’t read the disk and other times it can but can’t record to it. Then later it may be able to handle the same disk without any problems or not. I’m using JVC DVD-RAM 3X version 2.1 and Sony DVD-RW 2X Disks. The problems do not appear to occur with -R or +R disks. The same RAM disks that the DMR-ES10 wouldn’t read were read without any problems in my PC DVD DRIVE (LG GSA-4163B) using Power DVD. Likely I think its a hardware problem with the DMR-ES10. Unless I hear differently I’m going to take it in to be serviced.

I’m still having the problem with mine. Unit seems to function OK, but that noise is like nails on a blackboard annoying. The one DVD I played last night (copied from PC) went through that groaning noise routine for around a minute then it eventually recognized it. Assuming it’s still under warranty (it is 1yr parts/labor, correct?), I think I’m going to call Panasonic and see what if anything they’ll do about it.

That issue to me seems like the spindle is not gripping on to the disc properly. If this is the case, then when it tries spinning up (or down) the disc, it ends up slipping, thus causing potential read errors, etc. like you are mentioning. While this is likely an issue with the drive to start with, it is also possible that something such as a hair may clung to the spindle, which can cause the disc to slip.

I would suggest bringing the drive back for repair as that part should be covered under warranty. :wink: