Dmr-es10 Help

I have ea dmr-es10 and i record normally from a video vhs to it. But the problem is that in some dvd-players this dvd play only audio, and no video. ( the same material when i record with dmr-e60 works fine in those dvd players.
i want to get a solution for this because i use these dvd recorders in my studio for the client’s vhs.


You’ve got a problem with your connections or source drives, I’d say. Audio is multiplexed into the video stream, so if you have either then the recording is good.

thanks for your help. the problem is that i record:for example many dvd with it. everything is good. only in some dvd players is this problem. this dvd that is recorded by dmr-es10 works in all other places, in pc, in dvd player, in playstaion2… i had buy a dmr-e60 and don,t have this problem, i think that smth is wrong in menu or in bit-rate that record dmr-es10…
sorry for my english

Some players or PC’s may not be capable of decoding MPEG-1. I think the ES-10 uses MPEG-1 for the EP recording modes, so that can generate issues with either audio or video, but the recording is good - it’s the player that’s bad.

Does this apply to your situation?

thanks CDan ! the problem is that ES-10 records in mpeg2, and i don’t practice EP mode, because of low quality. i am wating for another solution. And another thing: the dvd which is made with this dvd, it is not copy,(directly or with image) when i want to make a copy of this dvd i practice DVD-video mode ( With nero project)…
i wait…
hello from Tirana, Albania