DMR-EH80VEB Remote Problem


some how my remote control has changed modes from Mode 1 to Mode 2?!!
I cannot access the functions menu. Ive tried unplugging the DVD Recorder for more then an hour, changed the batteries on the remote, held down button 1 and enter at the same time but nothing works. has any body a solution to this rather frustrating problem?

many thanks in advance.


When you press any button on the remote what does the machine’s display show? RC1, RC2 or RC3? (On older units the display may show 1 Chk Remote, 2 Chk Remote or 3 Chk Remote or some variation of those messages.) That indicates the operating code for the machine. Change the remote code to match that of the machine. Holding down the numerical button and ENTER at the same time for several seconds is the correct procedure to change the remote code.