Hi all,
I bought this Panasonic last October and it’s now running real slow and sometimes does not respond to commands at all.

Does anyone have a fix for this?


Did you check for firmware update?

the only one I could find was for a IR update, which seems to work fine.

Is the problem with all types of media? Do you have something on the disrupts the IF from your remote? Is the unit over heated?

Sorry for the delay response. Been searching the site for someone with same problem.
The unit acts very slow when first turned on, so it shouldn’t be a heat problem.
It has worked terrific since last October, then molassas.
The problem is the same for any function. There does not have to be a DVD in the tray.
Accessing the HDD is slow, input selection takes it’s sweet time going from one to another.
Took it to a “authorized service center” and they did not fix it, although they said they did.
Maybe another shop would be more skilled.

I’m out of ideas try Here

Thanks for the brain work anyway.

Maybe someone went through this already and has a fix for me.

Thanks again.

Well here’s a leg-work suggestion. If you took it to an authorized service centre, and you think it isn’t fixed, then I suggest you take it right back and show them exactly how it wasn’t fixed.

Unfortunately here on CD Freaks we sometimes cannot be better than the people who should know what the problem is.

Once a “authorized” service center botches the job and swears that they fixed it, I don’t dare go back there again. Can’t trust them to do the right thing the second time around. I found another service center and they fixed it by way of a software update. Works super now! Thanks for the suggestion, though.