DMR-EH75V can't disks read on computer

I have Panasonic DMR-EH75V. When I make A dvd on this unit, they play fine on other dvd players. But they do not work right on my computer. I wanted to transfer some old VHS tapes to DVD. This works. But when I went to transfer them onto my computer to edit, I cannot get my computer to recognize the disk. I checked my dvd drive by playing a store bot dvd and it works fine. When I insert a DVD from my Panasonic recorder, the computer seems to think it is a CD. If I put a dvd in and go to windows explorer, it shows as a cd drive and says the drive is not accessible. In fact if I open windows exployer and look at the drive, withhout a disk in, it says drive D is a DVD Drive. Then, if I put in a disk that was recorded on my Panasonic, I can watch windows explorer change to CD-Drive. So I can’t play it on my computer and I can’t read the files. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to take a dvd created on the Panasonic and be able to download it onto the computer for editing? I tried making one withhout finalizing it and I almost made it work but still had problems. Any help would be appreciated.

Your description is quite specific as to the problem. There are two other factors that might be part of the problem:

1- Are you using DVD+R media?

2-When was the DVD drive in your computer manufactered?

It may be that your computer’s DVD drive is not compatible with DVD+R media that, I believe, came into the marketplace around 2004.

It does sound like a media problem.