DMR-EH60 Connect a PC to DV connector



:slight_smile: I have a DMR EH60 and tried almost all functionality of it. I’s really a great recorder.

:confused: Last week I connected it to my PC and Windows XP ask me for some drivers that I don’t have, I searched on the net and didn’t find anything. I asked to Panasonic Italy support and never received an answer. French Panasonic support tells me Panasonic doesn’t give any driver for this type of device.

Does anybody connect is Panasonic Recorder (with or without Hard disk) to a PC using the DV connector ?
I’ve some films on my PC (personal, big DIVX …) and I’d just like to put them on DVD using my great Panasonic recorder (My PC is a notebook without DVD recorder).

Hope to have some answer!




As far as I’m aware of, the main purpose of the DVD recorder’s DV port is for connecting up to a DV camcorder. Even if you do manage to find a driver for connecting up the DVD recorder to your laptop, you will need some video editing software capable of outputting video over the DV port, such as that for working with DV camcorders. So far, I am not aware of any standalone DVD recorders which can also function as an external DVD-writer when hooked up to a PC.

If you don’t paying for an external DVD writer, I would seriously recommend going for one of these as external DVD writers typically sell for around €75 to €80 in Europe. Even if you do come across a driver for sending video footage to your DVD recorder, it would be much quicker to use an external DVD writer which can write a full disc in under 10 minutes as opposed to waiting the full length of a title to re-record each title in real-time, particularly if you got a lot of content you wish to transfer to DVD. :slight_smile: