Ive read the manual, now more lost than ever, can someone tell me how to copy a dvd onto the HDD, ive only got the one player and apparently I dont need to buy another DVD player to start copying DVDs?
Also once Ive copied the DVD onto the HDD how hard is it to burn onto another blank DVD?
Thanks to anyone with the time to help out
Loz :slight_smile:

Yes you can do it. On my EH50 this is described under the snappy title “Transferring (dubbing) a finalized DVD-R, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format) and +R”, although I seem to remember that you can do it manually (will check). You can then archive it to a new DVD (with new Panasonic menus) like any other recording.

But to be honest if you want to copy a DVD you are better off using a PC as this:

· Will not work with copy protected material
· You don’t get the functionality of the menus
· There is a loss in picture quality as it is re-encoded.

In all this is very much like connecting two machines and hitting play on one and record on the other.

My EH55 doesnt allow me to dub DVD back onto HDD at all!!..even if its a burnt dvd from my DVD Recorder…for starters thin grey lines appear as soon as you connect the 2 machines (player to recorder) then on every dvd i put in,the copyright material logo comes up.