DMR-EH55 - Q of comb filter & NTSC compatibility?

I’m interested in purchasing a DVD recorder to make copies of my collection of NTSC SVHS tapes and LDs (mainly anime fansubs and Japanese LDs of stuff that never appeared on DVD).

Because I’m in Europe, I’d better pay attention if the recorder can record in NTSC from the video inputs, and if the comb filter is any good for NTSC.

Does the DMR-EH55 have a good 3D comb filter and is it operational for NTSC? Some comb filters only support one standard and switch down to 2 Line filtering for the other.

Does the DMR-EH55 record NTSC and does it do it well? In other words, no half-assed NTSC to PAL conversion but real NTSC DVD video creation, in at least the same quality with the same options as far as picture quality is concerned?