Dmr eh55+possible misdiagnosis (Panasonic DVD-Recorder DMR-EH55 S)

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DVD-Recorder DMR-EH55 S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]posted by MIA on Mar 25, 2009
18 months after purchase, the DMR EH55 unit’s disk drawer suddenly began to open, with or without a disc in it, whenever the unit was shut off. At that point the only menu option the unit would any longer allow to be performed was for the drawer to be closed, but only when the unit was turned back on. It was stuck in a loop where it opened up again every time unit was shut off again. The rest of any menu commands became inaccessible from then on. The unit went to a repair shop. The problem was diagnosed by a Panasonic authorized repair shop as first being a laser problem, but then, instead, they said that was not the problem after all, that it was a failed motherboard which had to be replaced. Since the unit is still under an extended warranty, a new replacement motherboard was ordered and then installed, but the installation unfortunately wiped out 18 months of hard drive contents. However, the real mystery is this: $485 dollars (pending) later the drawer STILL opens when the unit is shut off. My concern is twofold, 1) that a misdiagnosis has occurred and 2) that the unit is still a mystery to the stumped tech at the shop where the unit still is waiting to be properly repaired. I am asking for a second opinion since it has now been four and a half months in the shop. What gives?