Dmr-eh55 Ntsc Video To Pal Dvd Query

Am a recent “convert” to the possibilities of DVD recording - Panasonic seemed the way to go - am trying to convert NTSC recorded my old faithful video tapes to PAL DVD - have used the guidance provided and have ended up with perfect recordings - that have one major problem - the recordings are all in black and white.
I can play the tapes in colour through the VHS(Ferguson) to TV (Panasonic) but cannot figure out if it’s possible to actually record them in colour or if I’m stuck with black and white. :confused:
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Or am I to abandon the mission and fall back on the tried and trusty VHS technologies?

PAL and NTSC color are multiplexed onto the video signal in very different ways. Aside from the scan rates, the color has to handled properly. There are scan converters that handle the situation well but they are hard to find and can be expensive. One way (defeats the reason for having the DVD recorder though) is to use a computer with a video encoder to record the NTSC signal to an MPEG, then convert the file to PAL in software and record to the DVD from there. Getting the NTSC signal to digital is going to be the tough step (know anyone with an NTSC recorder you can borrow, or maybe find a bare bones used unit in eBay or such?).

Thanks jeffp - advice is much appreciated - had feared that it might not have been as straight forward as I’d hoped. Before going back to the computer though and investing in a video encoder, do I take it that - even with the decoder - I’d would also require an actual NTSC recorder to play the tapes rather than to just use my PAL recorder which will play back (or I presume mimic the playback) the tapes? …if that makes sense!

Have you tried changing the EH55 setting from PAL to NTSC? The Panasonic can be either - just not both at the same time (so make sure you don’t have any timer recordings set up, as these being in PAL will prevent you recording in NTSC).

My suggestion is to record in NTSC and then make a NTSC DVD, which will then playback in any DVD player.

Hi rg306xx - recording and playback in NTSC mode produces perfect monochrome, using PAL settings produces colour but an unstable, incomplete, broken picture. Guess I’m going to need to use more expensive conversion options - or put up with b/w.

Sorry to hear that didn’t work. Makes me wonder about the output from the video. Is it truely NTSC or PAL60? ie a 60 Hz signal but the colour encoding replaced with PAL. Does the video manual say anything on the subject?

If all else fails you could look into video capture cards for your PC. I read somewhere that they were robust at this sort of thing.