Dmr eh50 says "Hello" constantly

Hello. Brand new member here.
I ran into a problem when I was recording on the hdd drive. During recording the counter stopped incrementing but the record dashes above the counter kept doing their thing so I let the recording continue to the end of the film I was recording. When I tried to stop recording the unit didn’t respond. I eventually turned it off at the wall. When I turned it back on it came up with self check which stayed up for ages. Discovered the reset function - holding down the power button for 10 secs which worked. Since then it’s been off for over 24 hours and now just comes up with “Hello”. You can hear it checking the drives, as normal, but it doesn’t go any further than that.

Could space on the hdd be an issue? Everything on the hdd was protected and I was recording in XP mode. The space left on the hdd may not have been enough to record the entire film.

Any suggestions/input greatly appreciated!

Hi,I believe that the permanent “Hello” message is an indication that the machine has found a problem during the self-check and that means it needs expert attention.Guess this is little help but I bought a second EH50 about 6 months after I bought a first one because I was so pleased with it…until both got to around 1 year old and having dubbed around 220 DVDs in hi speed mode each. Over a period of around 2 months both machines gave more and more problems of which the extended “Hello” and “Wait” messages were towards the end when both were giving lots of problems. Now neither will do hi speed dub and the DVD drive will not open on one. I did not get an extended warranty so they are now outside warranty. I assume that your machine is also outside warranty also?I do not think it is was a viable product - my guess is that the DVD drive was not robust enough for the work it has to do during hi speed copy. I note on other posts that a number have had their DVD drives replaced under warranty.I bought a new Panasonic EX-77 this time with a 3 year warranty. Interestingly it will not do a hi speed copy from HDD to DVD when using its own inbuilt DVT receiver because it does not allow hi speed copies of 16:9 material and all channels are detected as 16:9. I assume that Panasonic wishes to discourage owners from doing hi speed copies. It can easily be done by connecting an external satellite receiver to it - then it does not receive 16:9/4:3 status information and happily will copy this material hi speed.I’m taking my two EH50s back to the Panasonic dealer to explain and see what help I get. One unpleasant trick is to tell a buyer that they are the first buyer - ever - to have problems with the product. Fortunately this forum gives evidence that the EH50 is not very reliable.