DMR EH50 & Freeview: programme titles


I’ve tried searching for this and either can’t pick the right search terms (likely!) or it’s not been discussed already (unlikely).

I have a Freeview box plugged into my DMR EH50, which is happily recording programmes scheduled on the freeview box’s EPG utilising Ext Link… however, unlike recording from ‘bog standard’ analogue broadcasts, no programme title is given to any of the recorded freeview stuff.

My question is simply this: should I get programme titles automatically on stuff I’ve recorded from Freeview over Ext Link, or is this a non-starter?

Thanks in advance,

I think this is a non-starter.

The analogue recordings get their titles from the teletext signal - which is missing from the analogue signal that you are recording from your Freeview box and from my Skybox.