DMR-EH50 display extremely dim



We have got two of these DMR-EH50 machines. Both have got extremely dim displays. In the menu settings somewhere, the display is set to bright: changing this to dim puts the display out even when room is dark!

Anyone know what is the common cause for this? Is it power supply trouble, or have they prematurely worn out?

As a matter of interest, I have a Sony digital clock with a similar type of display, only it’s blue, which is 40yrs old and it is still bright! This is why I think the Panasonic displays may be faulty, imo they should last a lot longer than they have.

There is no sign of any capacitor trouble (as far as I can tell) in the psu section. How do I check the supply voltages to the display?



This post covers the same type of problem. I have 2 EH-50’s and neither have a dim display but I have several ES-30v’s(same '05 year as the EH-50) and 2 have such a dim display that set to normal they are just about unreadable and set to BRIGHT they are barely readable. Luckily I rarely look at the screen but rely more on the OSD.
Panasonic wasn’t the only mfg. to get burned on cheap Chinese crap capacitors, search on Wiki and they have a nice writeup on the whole mess.
Capacitors have been made for almost 100 years and have generally lasted for 30 years or more, it’s to bad some unscrupulous mfgs. tried to save penny’s by making them substandard and ruining our older(like 5 years is old!) electronics, really a shame.