DMR EH 57 recorder problems



Hi All,

I have a G-code problem, I live in New Zealand in a small country town and we only have 3 TV channel’s, When I bought the recorder the shop we bought it off have it set up for you and thats where the problems is.

One thing I should mention is that the recorder remote changes the TV channel’s OK so it dose appear be tuned and I can record on the timer and it works because I put in the correct channel

It appears to be a easy problem to fix but I’m dammed if I can work it out,
As I said we have 3 channel’s and if you use the G-code ch.3 is OK but channel 2 records ch1’s program and channel 1 records ch4 and as there is no ch4 it comes out blank.

I think all the DMR EH recorders should be the same in the set up so can some one tell me in simple words how to correct the problem
Thanks .Graham:confused: