I a new to this forum and I think it is great that everyone can chip in to help each other out with tips/suggestions/reviews.

Well, here goes my first post.

I own the DMR-E85H for a good few years now, and I loved this unit except for the fact that I can’t enter description for my weekly scheduled recording. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it. I don’t have a cable box connected to it, but I do have a Satelite box (whether that is the same or not). So I can’t seem to use the TV Guide features either.

So when I schedule a bunch of recording every week, I got a list of recorded programs with no descriptions, the only way I know what’s on the item is by the time and date of the recording.

Can someone please suggest what I am doing wrong or does this player just don’t have the option to predefine what I am trying to record?

Thank you so much in advance.

I also use an E85 from a satellite source. Basically, you just can’t use the panasonic guide to record shows since it is incompatible with the dish signal. Everything is simply recorded from the composites or s-vid inputs.

After a recording is complete you can select it and edit the title and enter a new name for it manually. This is how I do it. There really is no other way since the DVR does not receive that show information to enter it for you.

Thanks pittman. At least you have confirmed that I can’t pre-edit the recording title. I was afraid that I might not know how to set it up properly while there is such capability. That really sucks that you can’t do that. I have other Pana recorder in the past H5, and was able to do that (able to set the title on scheduled recording, although it is not automatically populated from the sat signal, but at least give you the option to enter a name).