DMR E85H won't finalise dvd -R disc

Knowing the many issues with trying to get RAM discs to playback on my pc, I’ve made a dvd -R of some material from the recorders hard drive. The disc plays back on the unit perfectly but it doesn’t playback on my pc or any other dvd player I have. I understand this is because it isn’t finalised, but when I go into disc management and select finalise disc, it tells me that the process will take 3 minutes etc, the screen goes blank, the machine shuts itself off, and then it goes into self check mode and then boots up. Of course I’ve repeated the process several times but each time the recorder shuts down rather than finalising the disc.

As the machine was able to burn the disc in the first place, I’m assuming there isn’t a problem with the laser. Are there any software updates or fixes for this problem?