DMR E85H Question


I have one of the above and am very pleased with it, have had no troubles (touch wood) at all.

I recorded a tennis match on the unit and burned this to DVD-R (DataWrite Titanium 8 Speed)

Now if i play this disk in the dmre85h it works fine, but my friend has a pioneer dvd player and the unit wont recognise the disk.

So i put the disk in my pc and cannot play it ?

In Nero in disk info i can see 10 tracks and it says the disk is open ?

Wahts going on here ? Is the way the DMR records dvd-r’s incompatible with other systems and pc’s ?

anonymous999, you need to finalise the disc to make it in to a standard type DVD. look at page 46 of your manual, or as some manuals differ, look in the index under Finalize. :slight_smile:

A copy of the manual can be downloaded here.


I worked it out…

DUH, feel a bit stupid really !

I found out if you finalise the disc on the dmr then it will play in the pc no probs and shos as a dvd video disk!

Cheers, we posted at the same time!

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Well done M8, we all get caught out sometimes. :slight_smile: