Dmr-e80h Hook Up Help

UNBELIEVEABLE, I have had this great machine for several years now and I just moved and had to unhook everything and at my old house i had directv but decided to change to comcast cable for awhile and i hooked it all up and cant get it to tape my tv programs like i did on directv, what the heck am i doing wrong, i have no cable box in this room with the DMR recorder, just the cable wire coming out of the wall into my recorder, how do i hook this up to record tv programs. i see in the manual page 5 in bottom corner it says DO NOT CONNECT THE UNIT THROUGH A VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER , video signals fed through video cassette recorders will be affected by copyright and the picture will not be shown correctly on the tv., i guess there talking about vhs, i dont know but i gotta get this hooked up right. help someone. i cant believe i cant figure this out having it so long with directv and now comcast throwing me for a loop.