DMR-E80H Boot Cycle

Hi all. This is my first post. I have a DMR-E80H that crashed about 2 years ago and I really love this unit. I want to know if anyone else has had the problem I have had. I had cleaned up alot of video for home movies and formated the drive, after it formated it crashed. I have unplugged it and replugged it many times at long lengths of time. Now to the crux of the issue. When I turn the unit on the HD spins up and goes through a cycle of reading then stops then reads again; it does this 4 times then turns itself off; then it turns itself back on; then shows a blue screen telling me an error has occured please press enter.:doh: pressing enter on the remote does nothing; pressing the dvd open/close button causes the unit to open and turn off. While on the front of the unit shows Channel 9 and the red clock icon for timmer recording. When the unit is off it shows the date and time. I have tried to load the firmware to the unit but it just tells me to change the disc. Any ideas?!?!?:confused: Sorry if this is a long post but I don’t know what else to do. Please help. These Forums are the GREATEST.:clap: Thank you in advance.

Have you tried resetting the unit? To reset it turn machine on and after it’s through with it’s startup routine hold both the CH up and CH down buttons on the main unit for at least 10 seconds. After you do this the clock should show 12:00. Note doing this reset clears all your preferences just so you know. Also for the reset to work the machine needs to finish it’s startup routine so if it errors out the reset many not work.

hold both the CH up and CH down buttons on the main unit for at least 10 seconds.

Thanks for the reply jjeff. I have tried the reset proceedure but when I hold the CH up and CH down nothing happens. Any other Suggestions?

Like I said if the machine never gets past it’s startup routine or ends in an error the CH up CH down probably won’t work. Again you need to keep pushing both buttons for a minimum of 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work then I’d suspect something internal or with your HDD. Panasonic does have a flat rate service option by sending it in to Elk Grove Ill. It’s $130 and probably worth it since HDD machines by Panasonic are no longer imported to North America.
Parts alone can cost 100s of dollars, so the $130 is really a bargain.

I have gotten my unit to go into “Initialize ALL parameters to Factory Defaults” by holding Skip Rev(|<<)and Time Slip and Open/Close for 5 seconds. After it starts to go through its cycle it stops and shows TEST * L1 on the front panel and does nothing. What to do next?!? Any Suggestions???