DMR-E700BD - Panasonic Blu-ray Recorder prices


Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Recorder

Although Panasonic’s Blu-Ray Disc recorder is the second such product on the market, it is the most fully featured yet. The DMR-E700BD can record 4.5 hours of digital satellite HDTV programming when used with 50GB dual-layer Blu-Ray Disc Rewritable media. It’s also compatible with DVD-R and DVD-RAM media, although not for HDTV recording.

Panasonic’s Blu-Ray recorder is scheduled to go on sale in Japan on July 31, for around $2780. Blank Blu-Ray Disc Rewritable media will cost $68 per disc for the 50GB type and $31 for the 25GB type.

The company won’t provide sales forecasts, but says it plans to manufacture 2000 units per month. There are no international launch plans.

What about some PC drives Panasonic?
E can also use my PC to record HDTV :cool:

The dual-layer 50GB media will become available for under US$40 I think. 23GB single-layer media cost about US$20 right now.