DMR-E55 Stuck on 'Self Check'

Can anyone help me on a Panasonic DMR-E55 that is stuck on ‘Self Check’ mode. It has a disc loaded, but despite powering down or trying a different combination of buttons it’s stuck in a loop! It’s driving me mad!!! :a

Unplug the unit, plug back in. Does that help?

Unfortunately not…I’ve even left off for 24+ hours and it still reverts to self check mode. I’ve tried pressing a different combination of buttons but to no avail, I’m still stuck in the loop!

Taken from the Service Manual :-

“Since the power cord fell out during a power failure or operation, it is under restoration operation.
*It will OK, if a display disappears automatically. If a display does not disappear, there is the possibility that defective Digital P.C.B. / RAM drive.”

It doesn`t sound good. Perhaps a firmware update is your only option.

i have a dmr-e95h. i happened to put a bad disc in it and ran into this self-check loop. in every iteration, it first displays an error message “An error had occurred, please press enter”. After the enter key is pressed (hold down for a few seconds), it would reboot, self check, then display another error message “please check the disc”. The message would go away in a couple seconds and then it would reboot and repeat the loop.

I found out that during the second path of the loop, i.e. right before, during, and after it displays the error message “please check disc”, keep pressing and releasing the open-door key. The door may open. You may want to try it.