DMR-E55 recording on DVD-R




I am having problems with my recorder. I am recoding a TV programe onto a EMTEC DVD-R, however when I try to play the disk in a standard DVD player of my laptop the disk shows as being empty?

I am doing something wrong? or can disks that this DVD recorder creates not be played in any other DVD player??

Any help would be helpful.



  1. Maybe you haven’t finalized the disc?

  2. You’re using some pretty crappy discs.


How do I finalise the disc?? Dumb question I know!


LOL, does the term “RTFM” ring a bell? :wink:

If your Panny is like mine, it’s under “other functions - disc management” in the Panny settings. No other drive can read the video unless it’s finalized (disc closed).


I have the same machine here in the UK. First batch of -R’s were Sony x4, every one worked fine. Then I had some TDK (expensive) and Samsung (cheap), both were x8 and the problems began. At first I thought it was the odd disk which didn’t record, the machine would start recording for about a minute then ‘self check’ came up and it rejected the disk. apparently there is a software fix on but for now I’m going back to x4 disks