DMR-E55 ram disc erase problems




I have a Panasonic DMR-E55 dvd recorder which is approx 18 month sold. I am currently having problems recording onto Panasonic Ram 4.7gb discs. They record perfectly first time round but when you erase any part of the full disc (which works by the way) and then try to record over again the resulting recording is full of places where the screen freezes and you can see parts of the previous recording on the screen & the screen is fragmented into hundreds of frozen pixels. this eventually releases and progresses until the next freeze. This also happens if you re-format the discs. I have now tried upto 20 discs all Panasonic ram discs and the same thing happens. The player records perfectly on dvd-r discs and also plays all rented or bought dvds perfectly. Panasonics own service centre say it must be a disc problem,but after buying 2 seperate batchs of 10 discs i don’t believe all 20 discs are bad.

HELP :frowning: :frowning:


I doubt it’s a media problem. RAM discs never really “erase” as we think of erasing, say like a RW disc. All they do is erase the file tables. Same for formatting. You could try using a PC drive to do a full physical format, (takes forever), but you’ll just be doing a work-around for a faulty recorder.

I’ve never seen any trouble with discs formatted or erased in my Panny. And, if you’re using Panasonic RAM discs, how much can they say about the discs?

In theory, a RAM disc sector does not get written unless it passes verification. Doesn’t sound to me like your re-written discs should be passing verification. That simple fact alone should spell a bad recorder. Either it’s recording faulty discs, or it’s not able to read a well-written disc.