Dmr e55 once played, now it won'


I have a number of burned DVD-R movies which once played, (I always test them right after I burn) now are giving me a “no read” error message.

Maybe 1 out of 10 disks I try - and it seems random.
These are new disks- no dudt or scratches.

I’ve looked in the disk menu- and everything is the same as when we first started using it.

Any tips would be so appreciated

Its probably the type of disk your using… could be the infamous ritek G05s

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It seems a usual problem of a low quality media that became a coaster after a while.

How old are these burned discs? What discs are (media ID)? What burner do you have? If it’s a liteon or a benq or a plextor, can you post a scan of a problematic disc?

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I’ve got a panasonic dmr-e55-- i’m working with imation and memorex dvd-r
not the cheepies- the thing i don’t understand is how it could play once and then not again. and this is happenning with older disks too- not more than a year old.

download nero infotool ( and findout what the media code of the disks is

This is very common issue with low quality media. I suggets you to check all your backups and reburn any disc that start to have problems, because it will be unreadable soon.

Buy better media like verbatim or taiyo yuden.

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thanks I’ll download the software right now!
and thanks for the media tips- never heard of taiyo yuden
any online source recommendations

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

to give you suggestions about online stores we need to know where you live :wink:

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i’m in iowa-also the disks all work on my mac.

sorry, I live in Italy and can’t give you suggestions :frowning:


Suggest going to the ‘Bargain Basement Forum’ for the current deals-

Excellent vendor for Taiyo Yuden is: