DMR E500 Controlled Remotely Through Internet

I found a way to do this after some hours of playing around with the networking feature of this model. What I was able to do was record a show, change the channel, play a disc, change the record mode, record in 30 minute increments, turn the recorder on/off, and change from hdd/dvd or dvd/hdd. I documented all the buttons except one for which I couldn’t figure out. To get to the “Recorder Control” page you need to log in and copy and paste this address

http://YOUR ADDRESS/cgi-bin/dispframe.cgi?DISP_PAGE=1001

Once there, your address might change to this

http://YOUR ADDRESS/cgi-bin/dvdr/dvdr_ctrl.cgi

This is normal.

Here is the button configuration numbericaly shown:

1---------2---- 3----------- 4

----------19------------- 20

1=Power on/off wait for 30 seconds for it to power up though!
2=<< only works when playing from HDD or DVD
3=>> only works when playing from HDD or DVD
4=??? unknown at the moment
5=Drive select HDD or DVD
6=Stop recording or playing
7=Pause/still playing
8=Play from HDD or DVD
9=Change Channel
11=XP record mode
12=SP “”
13=LP “”
14=EP “”
15=30 minute auto record
16=1hr ‘’ ‘’
17=1:30 " "
18=2hr " "
19=Timer Record set up Note: I got this to work only once and have been unable to ever since!
20=Timer Record listings Note: If you have some shows that are scheduled to record from manually doing it, it will show up here but you will not be able to change it!

Some notes:

  1. Power on is real slow so you might have to click on the stop button a few times for the screen to refresh and show the unit to be on. It will say “standby” otherwise.

  2. You can record shows using record button and the increment record buttons but I have gotten the timer record to work only once. For some reason, it will not work again! This one has puzzled me.

  3. The buttons for control will not display correctly or they won’t on my system which is Win2000 + IE 6.

  4. By changing the last 4 digits of the url, you can access other menus!

2001 DVD Control

4001 Timer Program

5001 Invalid screen message or this is a direct link to a button

6001 Edit video title-Name

7001 Play mpeg 4

8001 View Pictures

9001 Invalid operation message or direct link to button

  1. To copy mpeg4 to your computer, go to play list and copy the address of it to windows media player and download it from there.

If anyone can get the “timer record” to work then let me know here please. It would make programming this unit remotely more appealing. I did manage to get it to work once. When it did, the TV Guide menu registered it in the schedule menu and on the computer it automatically named the show it was going to record. I spent hours trying to get it to work again. Also, if anyone can mess around and get access to the mpeg2 stuff or even copy dvd video remotely that would be great. I wish I knew more about CGI so I could maybe access some directory structure on the hard drive. I’ll come back and post to this thread if I find out more stuff.

Found something interesting. When you enter

http://YOUR ADDRESS/cgi-bin/dispframe2.cgi

and add the number ‘2’ as above, it goes into some kind of loop that keeps displaying

http://YOUR ADDRESS/cgi-bin/dispframe.cgi?DISP_PAGE=0&Radio_Drive=0&DMY_TIME=0299876362

and the numbers in the last part of that address keep changing in an upwards direction.

Found out that the Japanese DMR-E500 came with these remote programming features. One was through a computer and instructions to do so are in Japanese which I can’t read. Here is the site:

The other is programming through a cellphone by a service called TVNano but again it is in Japanese. Here is the site:

Also, it looks like you can send photos to the unit as well.