DMR-E50 vs. DMR-EH95

I’m having trouble deciding between the 2. I’m mainly focused on reliability; country of origin (made in japan or…?); and high-speed dubbing. Is either one compatible with dual layer discs?

Any votes for either one? Thanks for your advice.

The EH-95 is a discontinued model in the UK AFAIK but may still be in production elsewhere. The model i have is made in Japan.

AFAIK no Panasonic models are D/L compatible, the EH-95 like most Panasonic models only burns onto -R/RAM discs. Owned it for around 11 months, it’s had some pretty heavy usage & probably records around 4-5 hours per day at least. No hardware failures yet.

It burns at 4x (approx as it seems to do TAO so a lot of programs take longer to burn to disc than one long program would).