DMR E50 not recording

Hi all

I have a DMR E50, very happy with it for last 3 years. Recently it has stopped recording, it records for less than 1 minute then crashes and I cannot even eject the DVD. I have to unplug it a leave it for a bit and only then I can get the DVD out. Today it got worse, any DVD-R media I put in causes a crash if I want to recorD>
Playing is fin efor now.

Any thoughts or pointers.


Cisco Lad

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Your drive is acting exactly like it does when it cannot recognize the disc id. You can download the newest firmware here:


Also, as Panasonic will not tell us which media is supported, try using older media types such as TYG01 or TYG02.

Thanks a million !

I have nothing to loose by trying it, if it does not record I might as well pull the old Hitachi player.

I have tried it and the DVD comes up with “unsupported”. I used Nero to burn the file and burned it as data CD.


Cisco Lad

Tried also the exact way described on website, formot unsupported again.
Any thoughts ?

Cisco lad

What is the media ID of your DVD discs? CDSpeed will tell you this.

They are unbranded, I used over 100 of them before and they worked fine.
I mean used both DVD and CDs.
I will try with a branded one.


It seems like I wil not be able to carry out a firmware upgrade. The things the same DVD media has been working fine for last 12 months.

Any thoughts ?


Phew ! Finally fixed it :slight_smile:
How ? I tried recirding on a RAM media and it worked ok, so tested straight after with the DVD that was rejected and now all works.

Chas, thanks for ur help !

Cisco lad

You still should check your media ID. In almost all cases, this is the problem. Use CDSpeed.