DMR-E50 disc stuck in machine

Can anybody help.
I have a blank dvd r- in my machine and I cannot get it out!
Unplugging the machine and plugging it in again makes it go into the recovery loop and after about 5 mins it tries to read the disc and then gets stuck. You can hear the head trying desparately to read the disc but it just gets stuck saying READ.
Any tips?

i had the same problem , i had to phisically open it and undo the 4 screws to reveal my disc in the caddy , it sucks , perhaps a firmware update may be needed the disc you put in may be to new for it .

I have the exact same machine with the same problems. Any suggestions? How do I do a firmware update?

You can’t update the firmware while there’s a stuck disc.

I have had a similar problem and this is what worked for me. Keep your finger pressed on the power button until the unit goes into the recovery mode. Once this happens, keep pressing the tray eject button as fast as you can, cycling on and off untill the tray ejects. Stop pressing the button at this time and remove your disc. If at first it does not work, repeat the above, even up to 3X.