Dmr-e100 recording copyright videos and DVDs

I would like to record to hard disk from a panasonic video player but the DVD gives me a message indicating it is copyright protected.

Also, while playing a DVD i have tried taking the signal back in through AV1 etc and it will not allow me to record, is there any way around these problems.

Most DVD recorders with HDD won’t copy protected DVDs. Is the one you’re trying to copy a commercial title, or one you’ve made yourself?

The only answer to this is to purchase Sima GoDVD.
DVD recorders look for the CSS or the analog protection system (Macrovision)
if it detects either one it will NOT allow you to copy the material.
However, if you have sima goDVD it will change the rules and confuse the machine allowing you to record any material you can imagine.

Here is what sima GODVD looks like:

Buy the product and, be happy.

It’s not the only answer, and I suggest we wait for more details from the original enquiry before being so dogmatic about the advice.

Thanks to all for responses.

  1. The DVDs I am trying to record are commercial.
  2. I checked the Sima CT-1 GoDVD which appears to be good for taping commercial videos, which I do want to do.
  3. However I would also like to record DVDs (1 above) which it is not clear to me the Sima can do if you have only one DVD machine (a player and recorder in one)
  4. Can the signal from the DVD (during play) be taken out of the DVD machine into the Sima and then back into the DVD player to record?

Thanks again

If you have a DVD rewriter in your PC, the easiest way to back up your DVDs is by using that.