DMR-E100 gets stuck in self-check loop



[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMRE100HEBS. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi everyone!! Am a newbie to all this, but I’m getting desperate for help!! My Panny DMR-E100 has become stuck in a Self Check Loop!! If you power the machine up, it self checks, then after a few mins, says BYE! on the display, powers down… then powers up again, to start the self check routine again!! It occasionally flashes up a fault code 1… I did notice that the self check routine seemed to take longer and longer beforehand. I found a link to another forum elsewhere, where someone had posted a thread about the E85 with a similar fault… it suggested the Voltage Regulator IC (Part No STR-G6353) was overheating, and giving an unstable O/P voltage. I thought great!! :slight_smile: However after ordering the IC, I opened up the unit, being led to believe the PSU board would be similar, but it’s quite different!! So I’m back to square one… I had an almost full HDD too… :sad: Any help would be much appreciated!!.. Thank you!!! Oh yes, anyone with a similar fault with their DMR-E85 should visit… post number 114… :slight_smile:


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I suggest you just chuck it,and get a new recorder. There are many good
new panasonic dvdrecorders at low prices now. I know you may hold
some sentementality twards your machine,but everyone every once in a while have to get something new.
Enjoy ZAP.:rolleyes:


Hi!! :slight_smile: Many thanks for your replies! :slight_smile: Thanks for the link DigaDo! I have just given the board another good look, and the electrolytic caps look fine… However, have located the 12v Regulator IC on this PSU board… will try and get a replacement on the off chance… worth a go maybe! It’s a fairly standard IC (378R12c). Will change it and will give an update ASAP!! I’ll be happy if it lasts long enough for me to retrieve what’s on the HDD… LoL :slight_smile: Any advice still appreciated…Zap Em, A modern equivalent perhaps you say??? Hmmm…:slight_smile: Would it be best to invest in a BlueRay recorder, in that case perhaps?? Any BR recorders backwards compatible with the good ol’ DVD-R?? :slight_smile: