Dmn8602 Cpu



I am surprised that the DMN8602 is not cooled after all the work it performs

Here is a list of what it can do

1 USB port
1 32 bit PCI port
1 Firewire port
1 IDE / ATAPI port (used )
1 memory controller (up to 128MB)
2 Graphic processors (150mps)

A computer has at least 4 chips performing the same group of tasks and yes at least 2 if not 3 of the computers chips will be cooled either by heatsinks or fans

this is a list of some functions performed by the DMN8602 the core of the Liteon family of standalone recorders.


the dmn8603 recently announced is supposed to be able to record meg4 and divx. which would really be a plus when recording to regular cdr disks.


it would be great but would it still jitter ?

but would Liteon put it in the firmware of the recorder that uses the chip?