DMCA takedown notices run amok thanks to Fox



DMCA takedown notices run amok thanks to Fox.

[newsimage][/newsimage]DMCA takedown notices are serious business. For companies protecting (or alleging to protect) their IPs, it's a questionable method toward concrete results. And for the unfortunate folks on the receiving end of a notice, it's a gut-wrenching experience -- especially if they're mistakenly accused, which happens more than the senders of the legal notes would like people to believe.

Still, there are some folks who expose takedown letters for the world to see even as those who file them seek to eliminate the proof. It turns out Fox may have had a hand in an attempt to eliminate evidence of its own sent DMCA takedown notices by - you guessed it - sending out a DMCA takedown notice.

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What the hell? I’m so confused!


Me too raceman94
takedown notices on takedown notices on takedown notices on takedown notice?


Sounds like some kind of reverse psychology or something. If it wasn’t so darn weird I might be laughing.


Here is the process:

Phase one:

Fox sent a DMCA takedown notice to Google over search results allegedly leading to pirated copies of the film, Avatar. Google removed the search results

Phase Two:

Google sent Fox’s takedown notices to watchdog group, which purports to be “monitoring the legal climate for Internet activity.”

Phase Three:

Fox’s next move was to send another takedown notice to Google, this time requesting it remove search results containing the original takedown notice about Avatar that was hosted on ChillingEffects, because that notice itself was full of infringing material

My opinion: Although it seems very legal, i think it’s also very stupid!


Who says that any law, in any coutry, contains the slightest shred of intelligence?

This case shows something else that’s very, very interesting:
How about HALF of the US population, who band together with the Reps, are being made dumbasses by Fox and their puppetmasters for the sole and final purpose of PROFITING. As they might privately say: ‘The whole world may tumble down in flames, as long as we and our beloved shareholders can keep our greedy pockets well fed with nice, shiny Benjamins!’


greed will in just a few years bring this country to its knees.