DMCA dealt a serious blow by Sixth Circuit Appeals Court

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  While the  DMCA was originally intended to protect digital copyright works such as music,  video and software by making it illegal to circumvent copy-protection measures,  other companies began...
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Backup CDs and mod chips will never be made legal. What could be interesting is a game publisher putting out games for consoles without paying the fees to the console makers. Or any cell service working with any phone set… Or any car working with any gasoline… oh yah we can do that now (but for how long?)

“DMCA dealt a serious blow” ----I Wish Jenna Jameson Dealt me a serious blow :wink: Sorry Dan

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By doing so, they keep the market competitive, and they keep the printer companies from utterly gouging consumers for toner.
Um - I think this is a misprint in the story. The printer companies do try to gouge consumers even with compatibles out there. If I buy Epson ink for our printer, it costs £15 for a single cartridge. If I buy the compatibles I can buy a set of black and colour for £5. hmm, £30 for both, or £5 for both, lemme see, hmmmm… Is it just me or does it seem like they haven’t realised they cant gouge us - guess which one I buy.

Some difference there in the Epson compatibles. No wonder Espon tried the chip trick :stuck_out_tongue: Generally I seldom have issue with black compatibles, but gave up on colour colour cartridges that have the print head built-in since they generally always get clogged or in one case leaked. With toner and ink cartridges that do not have built-in print heads, compatibles generally work just as well as the original :wink:

The Sixth Appeal Court Judges, have correctly read the intent of the DMCA, and quite correctly terminated this sideshow. If Lexmark had won, then all consumers worldwide would be totally liable for trillions of $$$$$$$$$$$$ in additional license fees and charges as determined by the original creators for all common use items from A to Z, clearly this is not the real intent of the act. At least these judges must have utilised the winning argument from INTEL vrs AMD, for this decision inpart, and have shown remarkably good common sense. n.