DMB PDA phones



DMB phones are hot right now in South Korea, even in this remote city of Gwangju. According to a news at, about 28,000 units are running in South Korea. Only 6,000 DMB (satellite) subscribers by May 3 since commercial service started on May 1. Cyberbank plans to release CP-B300, the first PDA phone with DMB, megapixel camera, and 17-pi sound in early summer.

Some pictures:

SKY IMB-1000 is a more conservative phone, available at most shops since late April. For about US$500, it seems to be the best-selling DMB phone for now.

And from Samsung, with a girl as always at a Samsung display.

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I thought it’s a bit early to buy a DMB phone now though the SKY IMB-1000 looked good and cheap enough already compared to non-DMB phones. For my personal purpose, it could replace any of my past TVs.


What’s DMB? Is it a new service type, such as analog, digital, GSM, and DMB? I’ve never heard of it.


It’s relatively new. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. Satellite DMB and Terrestrial DMB.


Some more pictures of DMB phones. Right now, Samsung and SK Teletec want to pre-dominate DMB market. LG’s a little behind but will soon catch up with better phones.


World’s first 7-megapixel camera phone from Samsung. It has some manual features.


About DAB

Until now, analogue radio signals have been subject to numerous kinds of interference on their way from the transmitter to your radio. These problems were caused by mountains, high-rise buildings and weather conditions.

DAB, however, uses these effects as reflectors creating multipath reception conditions to optimise receiver sensitivity. Since DAB always selects the strongest regional transmitter automatically, you’ll always be at the focal point of incoming radio signals.

DAB is broadcast on terrestrial networks, and you are able to receive it using solely a tiny non-directional stub antenna. You receive CD-like quality radio programmes even in the car without any annoying interference and signal distortion.

Aside from distortion-free reception and CD Quality sound, DAB offers further advantages as it has been designed for the multimedia age. DAB can carry not only audio, but also text, pictures, data and even videos - all on your radio!

You are able to listen to your favourite music programme and sing along with your idols, since the lyrics can be shown on your radio display, or you can contemplate the handsome face of the latest movie star, while a report is given on his current box-office hit.