i have an Acer 32/8/4 burner and it is taken hours, as in 52hours, to read an image to the HDD with cloneCD. The game i am trying to copy is MaxPayne. I have read that if you want to speed up this you need to enable DMA. when i try to do this i get a warning saying “DMA might not be comatable with your controler, CD rom or HDD…click to enable DMA” I click ok and the check the DMA box. however when i check the settings straight after i close the properties window it is unchecked again. It does then same thing after the reboot as well. I have a giga-byte GA-686LX m/b.

anyideas to help me…pls :slight_smile:


WHich OS do you have? It’s normal you get the message “Might not be able…” but after a reboot DMA should be enabled. Please also tell us your setup (IDE channel setup), etc.

Did you enabel Fast Error Skip in CloneCD?? Max Payne has SafeDisc 2 as a protection and the Acer are known to read very slow. Maybe you can use a different reader?

Hey, i haven’t figured out the DMA problem but i got Max Payne to work

i swiched to Blindwriter. made the image in about 25 mins, and burnt at 8 speed. works great in any reader as well.

As for the DMA problem. I am using Windows Me. How do u get your IDE channel setup? sorry i am a newbie at the hardware side

Dude, I had that same problem in Windows 98se with a Toshiba smd-1212 or simalir, and a Yamaha crw2100e. Unfortunately, I never figured out why.

The Toshiba was master of the primary IDE channel, and the Yamaha was master of the secondary IDE channel; I also set my internal zip drive as slave to the Yamaha.

One day I cheked and DMA mode was just enabled again for no reason, on both drives. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It actually STAYED CHECKED!! Oh well, I wish I knew why in case it ever disappears again.