Does 80 wire 40 wire have anything to do with enabling not enabling dma mode?? Can dma mode cause conflicts on older systems w/40 wire cable?? Is it ok to use pio? What is the difference? :confused:

The 80wire cables will allow a device to operate in DMA modes 4,5 & 6 , whereas a 40wire one limits it to mode 2. So using a 40wire cable on a modern hard drive will not allow it to transfer data at the speed it was designed for so not getting the best performance out of it.
Obviously you canโ€™t force a device to run in a higher mode than itโ€™s designed for.

Some burners now will not function correctly with the older 40wire cables so must run with 80wire ones. Pioneers & Liteons are good examples of mode 4 burners.

Running in PIO mode will severely restrict your burn speed , probably cause bad burns & consume most of the CPU power available.

Thanks 4 the info it was helpful