I seem to have some problems with my MB. When I used the primary IDE connector for my DVD writer, I had Auto detect in the BIOS for Type, DMA and PIO. But in WinXP, under Dev Mgr, Adv Settings, it said Current Transfer Mode: PIO. WHat could be worng, shouldn’t these drives use DMA ?
When I moved it to the Secondary IDE, I got UDMA-4.

Thanks, Roland,

Under WinXP the DMA settings sometimes get messed up without you doing something wrong - you can set it up manually at UDMA mode again under the advanced settings tab that you already mentioned.

Just installed my new NEC 3500. Went to check if DMA settings were on and the advanced tab is gone!! I went to Dev Manager, double clicked on IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers, selected secondary channel that my drive is on by itself, right clicked, selected properties and NO ADVANCED TAB!!
Anyone else have this problem? I ran the Nero System Info, that says DMA is on but why can’t I access it through the device manager?

Sorry, should have mentioned I am running XP Pro SP1.

Have you installed Intel’s Application Accelerator? If yes, just uninstall it and the advanced tab will reappear.

Yes I do have Intel’s Application Accelerator. Thanks for the info!