DMA Troubles - cant burn DVD--PLEASE HELP



HI. I’m trying desperately to burn a DVD with my Dell Dimension 5150 Desktop Computer. When I open the “MYDVD” program by Roxio, it tells me that DMA needs to be turned on… I went through all the steps…toggling between PIO and DMA, and still NOTHING. I have NO idea what to do…I’ve never been able to burn a dvd on this computer!


You’ve tried the steps outlined in this guide?

The important part to look for is Current Transfer Mode. It should usually be Ultra DMA 2 or 4 for optical drives.

An unorthodox method is to get the trial of DVDFab. Once you start the program, it automatically looks to see if your drive is in PIO mode and will ask if you want to change to DMA. Say yes and it should change this setting for you.