Dma trouble

iwe got an liteon 1633s firmware bs0s and i have the famous speed trouble whit it but my biggest problem is that i cant get thedma up it is only ultra dma 2 and the Hd at the sam ide channel have ultra dma 6, so it is not the cable giving me problems maube the firmware i dont now! what are u guy`s saying?

sorry for my bad spelling!!

Can you put it on it’s own IDE cable?

Also, check you bios settings for that channel and update your FW for your drive for starts. Can’t hurt!
Update your bios and MOBO drivers at your MOBO site and windows drivers at Microsoft!

I had the Sony 710-A for a while. I believe the 710A is a rebadged 1633S. I don’t have the specifications anymore but I believe DMA 2 was the highest transfer mode supported by the 710A. You might want to check your specifications that came with the drive.

UDMA2 is correct for most optical drives, also for your burner.

If I don’t remember wrong, my old 1633 ran on UDMA-4 in my system. Right now I haven’t it anymore because was RMA and substituted with a 1693, so I can’t check nor post an image :frowning:

UDMA2 is correct for most optical drives, also for your burner.

Chef is correct most optical drives operate at udma2. the one notable exception is Plextor 716A which will operate at udma4 if it is on an ATA 100 cable.

If I remember correctly the following are UDMA-4 drives…

BenQ 1640 (with external firmware)

My liteon 1693 run on UDMA-4

“Supported transfer mode : PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2 and Ultra DMA mode 2” according to this:

SOHW-1633S at

Plextor, eg. 716
Pioneer, all 109, 110
LiteOn, eg. 1693 & newer
BenQ, eg. 1640 & newer

All those have a UDMA4 Host Interface and should work in UDMA4 mode. :wink:

Then why is my sony dvd rw dw-u18a with uys4 firmware at primary ide channel using ultra dma 4?

This is actually a rebadged LITEON SOHW-812S and I don’t think it runs at UDMA4 mode.

Using Google can help…