Dma to pio mode question

I need the help of the cd gods :bow:

Ok this has been covered before here cause I found a link on google pointing here how to solve the problem:
“Help my cdrom drive is suddenly in pio mode and I cant get it back to dma mode”.

Well I know how to fix it in the registry.

anyway here it tells you why windows changes dma mode to pio mode

Which confuses me. My drive has gone twice to PIO mode today. I am copying a whole lot of old cdr’s to mh hd at the moment. so does the drive go back into PIO mode when the drive tries to read really bad cdr’s (sometimes it takes ages like 2 minutes for a tinny section then the drive spins up again to 40x speed and transfers the rest of the cd fine. bad cdr’s)
or does the drive go back into PIO mode cause my ide cable is broken?! which I doubt cause I have been using the cable for ages and burning always works and installing games.

So does windows go into PIO mode because the cdr is trying to read a badly scratched cdr??

please say yes please :slight_smile: cause I just laid out my ide cables nicely in my case and dont want to get another ide cable.

plextor premium nforce 2

please say yes please

Yes. :iagree:
If you look in Event Viewer, you might see the errors recorded there that lead to the switch to 'PIO.

thats that rubbish then.

why doesnt have plextools and option to switch on dma mode again in the registry.

there most be a few people out there who read bad discs.

oh well nearly finsihed reading in 100 cdr’s :slight_smile:

It’s easy to turn DMA back on, just remove the IDE controller and reboot.