Dma settings?



hi i was told my dms setting should be on ultra dma 4 or 5 but i only have ultra dma mode 2 ?

i have a 80 pin/wire ide cable (i was told perhaps i had a 40 wire so i checked)

connecting my 2 nec drives to the motherboard

how do i get mode 4 or 5?


@ Arron milsom
Ultra DMA Mode 2 should be fine for 16x burning. UDMA2 is equivalent to 33MB/s. 16x burn speed needs 22MB/s. Some 16x drives, through their firmware, are able to be configured at UDMA4(66MB/s). It has to do with several system factors, including the cable, the firmware for the drive(s), the chipset etc. Windows configures this taking into account all the factors, and it will only set UDMA to the lowest common denominator. Currently, I don’t know of any burners with UDMA5(100MB/s) capability. That is the realm of HDDs.


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This is a very clear explanation of the difference between udma2 and udma4. It should be placed in the faq!
I guess it was a Windows mistake to determine that my 1633 was udma4, but with the 40 wire connected, it should be udma2?
Well, changing the wire solved the problem and I’m still a happy burner.

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but my hdd is on ultra dma 6 ?

also i have a problem with my nec 3500 and nec 3520 burning to cmc dvdr? it wont record to them ?
when it does record to them it skips and jumps ?

please help?


@ ldw
That is not an error, getting UDMA4 with a 40-wire cable. It was your firmware and the right system specs that did it. Even though an 80-wire cable is specified in the official ATA/ATAPI UDMA66(UDMA4) specifications, we can look back at HDD from 5 years ago that had 40-wire cables and UDMA5(I still have one config’d that way). It is possible to get UDMA4 with a 40 wire cable, but they spec’d a 80-wire cable(which is really a 40-wire cable with a grounded wire in between each ‘live’ wire) to help cut down on the interference created by high-speed data transfer within the ribbon cable. But, a 40-wire cable CAN hold back a higher config in some cases, which is why I would recommend it in instances where UDMA4 is not reached and the system has a 40-wire cable.


@ Arron milsom
Did you say “NEC’s”?..I think you might be in the wrong forum:).


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It caused Nero to quit burning (Communication Failure) just at the point it should begin writing tracks. And that is just the kind of situation where a 80 wire cable should be recommended, I suppose.
Thanks again for a very clear explanation!

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