DMA reset through DVDFAB?

I backup, burned my dvd movie MI2 and my copy speed was .09 and .08 MB/s and so was the write speed around there,(2 hour job) then I burned another movie, and was getting about the same results, so i rest the DMA in common setting and restarted the computer and now crusing at 4.00MB/s and getting better as it moves on. So why the dma rest and why does MB/s get faster and faster?
Thanks :bow:

The burner burns from the center of the disc to the outer edge so as it burns it as more area to cover so drive spins faster and burns faster :bigsmile:

Hi budlight and welcome to the forum. When, like Stormjumper said you get farther out on the disk, and the mb/s is speeding up, it’s very important to use good media. Like Ty’s or Verbatim. If you use cheaper media, and as the write speed increases, the flaws in the media will start to show up with errors like freeze ups and skipping all the way to unable to proceed with the write. Also, write your movie’s at a slower speed like 8x or 12x. You’ll get a better burn. ~ Mike