Dma question

hi lads,
my pc crashed last night,got it all going but now image burn will only read and write in 0.7x speed instead of 8x.i found dma is disabled is this the prob and if how do i turn it back on .nero is tells me it is off but will not allow me to turn it back on.please help me :bow:

Here you go:

thanks for the fast reply,
primary ide channel,current transer mode is (ultra dma mode 5).secondry ide channel,current transer mode is still pio mode
transer mode (dma if available)
reset it twice and restarted pc still in pio mode. :o

You can try uninstalling the secondary ide channel. Then reboot. This will force the operating system to reinstall the channel, and hopefully come up in dma mode.

Do NOT uninstall the primary ide channel—it is the one with your hard drive and your operating system.

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